Hanging Instructions

Reception of the material

Be sure all material has the same run lot number before installation. Final inspection should be made as to correct pattern, color and any defects in craftsmanship. No claims will be accepted beyond the installation of 3 strips. Absolutely no labour claims will be considered. Application of material is interpreted as acceptance of material and conditions of installation. This is a natural product, differences of color and aspect between batches are unavoidable. We cannot guarantee a perfect color match between the sample in the pattern book and the delivered goods.

Preparing the wall

  • Remove all backing paper, ensure surface is clean, smooth, dry in depth and in a sound condition. Lighter wallcoverings require a surface of a uniform colour. On a dry absorbent surface apply a good quality emulsion paint.
  • All surface contaminations such as dirt, grease, polish, water soluble stains, felt tip pen marks, etc, should be removed by washing with a detergent solution, rinsed off with clean water and allowed to dry.
  • Any mould or algae should be treated with Beeline Fungicidal Wash as per pack instruction.
  • Hotels, cracks, etc, should be filled with a good quality filler in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • When painting adjacent areas, avoid getting paint onto the wall to be hung with a wallcovering. If this has already happened rub down the paint thoroughly to provide a good key.


  • Do not allow adhesive to get onto the face of any wallcovering. Complete removal may be impossible. When cleaning down adjacent areas of adhesive residue, protect wallcovering to prevent contamination.
  • Handle cuts with care to avoid damage to pretrimmed edges that are to be butt jointed. Cut pieces should be used in isolation.
  • Arrange product in roll or box sequence (if numbered). Starting with the highest number, cut and hang in sequence, numbering the top of each drop using a soft lead pencil to ensure the product is reversed or not as appropriate.
  • Use only full width material. Cutting narrow widths above door frames etc, should be avoided. Do not in-fill with off cuts or out of sequence drops.
  • If hanging part width (eg, into a corner) make sure joint is made using the correct edge, reversing or not as appropriate. Never join middle to edge.
  • Check each drop for shading as you proceed.

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